Bigoted Customer Refused To Tip Waitress Because Of LGBTQ Tattoo

Avatar EWAO | August 18, 2017

As a long-time restaurant worker, tattooed person, and supporter of LGBTQ rights worldwide, this story doubly breaks my heart.

Because you know what’s bad? Not getting a tip on a $60 bill as a waitress; us food service members use those tips to pay for bills and food, not lavish expenditures.

But do you know what’s worse? Not getting a tip on a $60 bill because the customers you just served didn’t approve of your tattoo.

But do you know what’s the worst? Those same customers who stiffed you for a tip not approving of your tattoo because it shows support for gay pride and equal rights.

Samantha Heaton, a 20-year-old waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings, experienced this wicked trio of intolerance firsthand. Waiting on a family seated in her section, she remained polite and unobtrusive (never actively espousing her beliefs). At the end of the meal, though, check out what was left on the receipt: “We can’t tip someone who doesn’t love Jesus! Bad tatoo!”

Now, aside from being unable to spell “tattoo” properly, or apparently be decent human beings, the family who refused to tip Heaton might have been surprised at her beliefs had they chose to do something as simple as talk to her. In an interview, Samantha confirms a homosexual orientation as well as a believer in Christ and christianity.

What’s more, she added that her choice of religion and sexual identification don’t have anything to do with her skills as a waitress. Far from being her fault for her choices, perhaps the diners should have considered what it would be like to visit an establishment in a place where gay marriage is legal?

Heaton reported that what was the most upsetting was knowing that the family’s children were exposed to this sort of intolerance as a matter of course, saying “the kids are going to be under the impression that it will be OK to discriminate” rather than learning the value of tolerance.

Twitter and Instagrammers were quick to provide support, condolences, and acceptance, posting things such as “Real Christians love everyone”. Because wasn’t that Jesus’s message in the first place?

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Written by EWAO

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