Everything Wrong With Our Society, Explained In A 4-Minute Film [Video]

Avatar Amanda Froelich | November 30, 2017

What is the purpose of life — to be happy? If so, we are going about it in the wrong way. An animated short film, created by London-based artist and animator Steve Cutts, expertly explains this in an eye-catching way.

The film, entitled “Happiness,” begins by showing young rats racing to join the workforce. Most likely, they are excited to make a difference in the world. Before long, they are caught up in the “rat race,” which isn’t as comfortable as television makes it appear.

Rats are squished into Subway cars, and everyone seems consumed with “busy-ness.” When the rats aren’t forced to go to work, they are shopping to fill that center inside of them, the place where “happiness” should reside.

The rats are so obsessed with finding happiness, that they begin spending all of their hard-earned money on “things.” After acquiring bags and bags of new goods, one rat tosses his purchases aside and waits in line for “Black Friday” to begin.

Credit: Steve Cutts

As soon as the doors open, a frenzy takes place. It’s rat-on-rat brawling, with limbs and goods flying everywhere. After the event is over, one of the rats who risked its life to win a television leaves it behind to buy another new treasure: a car.

As the rat cruises in its sleek, new vehicle, a temporary feeling of “happiness” is obtained. But traffic — and reality — catch up with him, and he starts to realize something disturbing: he is not free. Rather, it is part of a system that is dominated by consumerism. 

In a state of disillusion and disassociation, the rat begins to drink. Bottle after bottle, he drowns his worries in liquor. This does little to change his situation, however. In fact, it results in him becoming homeless and poor.

At rock bottom and now officially depressed, the rat heads to the doctor where the only help he receives is pharmaceutical pills. Sure, they do a good job at lifting his spirits, but they are addictive and do nothing solve the root problem of his — and everyone else’s — conundrums.

Watch the 4-minute short film below: 

Studies have shown that people are happiest when they spend time in nature and invest in experiences, not things. Hopefully, this video reminds more people that they don’t need to get caught up in the “rat race” to find happiness.

Rather, they can invest their time in pursuing their passion(s), helping others when the opportunity is afforded, and learning about various topics to contribute to expansion. All of these are essential for personal growth which, ultimately, results in feelings of well-being and satiation.

Credit: Steve Cutts

Happiness will never be acquired through the purchasing of goods. Thanks to Cutts’ recent video, more people may break free from a system which serves corporations’ best interests — not the people’s.

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Source: Bored Panda

  • karan

    then what else should we do. it is called Sanskritisation (Indian English) or Sanskritization
    (American English, Oxford spelling) is a particular form of social
    change found in India. It denotes the process by which castes placed
    lower in the caste hierarchy seek upward mobility by emulating the
    rituals and practices of the upper or dominant castes.

  • Jenna

    Love it!

  • Beth Aaron

    Human mammals took a very wrong turn when early humans set about , perhaps by copycatting, hunting other animals. The history of hunting and eating animals, a hierarchy that has been plaguing human social DISORDER for all time, guided our forked tongues, wayward and unnatural behaviors that made us compete over cooperate, war for resources over share and use what we need rather than become the hoarders we did, and has manifest the ugly behaviors humans exude over behaviors of empathy,compassion and mercy, what is prayed about but hardly acted upon.. Domesticating non-human beings set the stage for class systems that relied upon save labor to build economic empires off bondage and commodification of animals, and the natural world humans alone have threatened.. The CRUX of human disorders of the spirit, mind and body are traced as far back the advent of animal domestication, the foundation of economics, agrarian society, and all things speciesist that manifest in domination and use of force. Media ignores it. Medical industrial complex was built off it. Mental health is impacted by it. Wars are fought because of it and environmental collapse is underway due to it. Our relationship with nature and all the species we cause harm and premature death to, should be the huge issue in every conversation about making human beings at peace, since our treatment of nature and all who live and share it, is the root cause of most disorders. Who could look at how humans behave and claim this is “normal”? http://www.powerfulbook.com

    • tomonthebay

      Good grief, what a bunch of emotionalist nonsense. Hominids have been eating meat for over 2 million years.

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