Ikea’s Revolutionary Hydroponic System Now Allows For You To Grow Vegetables Without A Garden, Year Round

Avatar Arushi Kapoor | December 20, 2017

We can all effortlessly go organic now, thanks to Ikea’s super-efficient innovation team. Ikea’s new hydrophonic indoor garden system is perfect for growing your own food even when you don’t have the space for it outdoors. What’s more? You can grow vegetables and fruits all year round, no matter the season the plant belongs to. And to operate this contraption, you don’t need soil or any kind of gardening experience.

With Ikea’s hydrophonic system, your indoor garden gets an adequate amount of light and water, which is enough to nurture healthy growing plants without the need of soil. According to one report, several vegetables that we eat are the result of this method.

The apparatus used for this modern marvel comes with absorbent foam plugs which enable the seeds to sprout. The system continually keeps the plants moist without over-warring them and once the seeds turn to saplings, it is ready to be taken to the next level.

After this step, the sapling is transferred to separate pots filled with pumice stones which retain moisture or even a growing tray equipped with a solar lamp. Even in rooms with no sunlight, the solar lamps provide them with all the necessary nutrients at any time of the year.

The system, developed in collaboration with Swedish agricultural scientists is named KRYDDA VÄXER. And it truly democratizes agriculture and brings it to gardening enthusiasts who never found enough space to follow their passion.

While it may not be the first hydrophonic system, it still is one of the most affordable options ideal for those with lack of space.


Source: Ikea

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