Inspiring Exchange Between Sarah Silverman and Would-Be Twitter Troll Will Make Your Day 

Avatar Amanda Froelich | January 3, 2018

Too often, when someone lashes out at us, we immediately respond from a defensive standpoint. We don’t take the time to understand where they might be coming from, or why they are so angry in the first place.

When a would-be Twitter troll called comedian Sarah Silverman the c-word, she might have been tempted to reply in a snarky manner. But, she didn’t. Instead, she researched his timeline, found out about his troubles, and responded from a place of love. Their exchange, which has gone viral, will undoubtedly make your day.

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During the stand-up special A Speck of Dust, which took place in May, Silverman told Uproxx: “Having a screaming competition… never changes minds. So we need to try and understand each other.” She recently heeded her own advice when a man named Jeremy lashed out on Twitter. He did so in response to her saying she was “open” to understanding Donald Trumps’ supporters.

As mentioned above, Silverman could have responded in a rude way and shut Jeremy down. But, she skimmed through the San Antonio, Texas resident’s Twitter feed instead, and responded in a kind manner. “I believe in you,” she wrote, acknowledging his previous tweets about back pain and drug use. “I know this feeling… I see it in you.”

The exchange that followed is inspiring:

Because Twitter conversations are available to the public, it wasn’t long before observers commented on the interaction. Sass Rogen wrote: “Oh my god you guys this made me cry. I’m so glad to know other people think the horrible things about themselves the same way I do, I’m so glad to have been able to see the interaction between you two.”

To which Jeremy responded: “I’m so thankful for the interactions. And support from everybody and the support and insight of Sarah Silverman. Awesome day”. 

Silverman didn’t stop there. She is now rallying support for Jeremy in San Antonio. Tweeted the comedian:

“Yo SAN ANTONIO! Any kickass back/neck care specialists willing 2 help my friend @jeremy_jamrozy He has several slipped discs, no insurance, & can’t work bc of severe pain. Let’s get him back on his feet!! Who’s in?”

If this story doesn’t make your day, we don’t know what will.

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Source: Uproxx



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