His Last Words Were: “They poisoned me”. Meet The Man Who Invented The Car That Runs On Water

Avatar Arushi Kapoor | January 8, 2018

In today’s world, with each passing day, we outdo ourselves with respect to technology. And one of those technological marvels which demonstrate how far we’ve come is a car that is fuelled with water.

This modern marvel derives its energy directly from water and needs nothing more to function. Sadly, crony capitalism has ensured that this next step in scientific evolution is never really made available to the masses.



If a water-powered car becomes mainstream, fuel companies and oil industries will soon become redundant and lose billions of dollars each year. And that’s what is threatening oil and gas corporations to lobby against the mass production of this vehicle.

There are many instances where big oil corporations have smothered the growth of indigenous industries that promote alternative sources of energy. And here are just a few of them where the corps tried to abort what could’ve been a thriving modern commodity with great benefits to the environment.



In 2008 in Osaka, Japan, car manufacturer Genepax unveiled its water-powered car that ran on any type of water, including tap, bottled, or lake. And this technology had received a patent soon after.

Unfortunately, about a year after the device was revealed the company shut down under ‘mysterious circumstances’ and the world was told that it was due to lack of funds.



Some years prior to that, Ohio resident, Stanley Meyer, invented a similar water-powered car. While it was briefly covered by local news stations in Ohio, it never really picked up and soon faded into oblivion.



After doing some digging, it was revealed that Stanley was sued by his investors stating that there was nothing revolutionary about this device and it simply worked on the principle of processing electrolytes. He was condemned and labeled ‘fraud’ and his technology went through several rounds of investigation by investors, the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Defense.




In 1998, while his technology was still patent pending, Meyer died a death while he was at a restaurant. And several people who were close to him claimed that he was intentionally poisoned.

According to Stanley’s brother, “He took a sip of cranberry juice. Then he grabbed his neck, bolted out the door, dropped to his knees and vomited violently. I ran outside and asked him, ‘What’s wrong?. He said, ‘They poisoned me.’ That was his dying declaration.”


While it is still grossly untapped, water is the perfect fuel source. Through electrolysis, the water molecule is split into two component atoms and is oxidized as fuel. This fuel provides energy that’s 1.5 times more powerful than gasoline.

It may seem far-fetched as of now, but water-generated power is a real and very viable alternative to fossil fuel. Hopefully one day we all become aware that this exists and raise it to a level that makes it a game changer.

Our environment, technology, and future depend on how responsibly we treat our present and this is a great way to begin.



Source: Collective-evolution; Patft; Reuters

  • B Lynise Collins

    Really doesn’t make you want to share any inventions when created

  • Vaclaw Belzebiush

    i see only the title ? where is more info ?

  • John Tx

    “Through electrolysis, the water molecule is split into two component atoms and is oxidized as fuel”

    What is used for the fuel, the hydrogen? What would the exhaust consist of?

    Water is essential to life, what affect would there be, how much would the world’s water supply dwindle if millions upon millions of vehicles were on the road using that technology? How many years before some countries would run out of fresh water supply?

    • Doyle Durham

      When Hydrogen is ignited (flame or spark) the violent reaction (combustion) combines the Hydrogen Atom with Oxygen present in the atmosphere, producing Water as an Exhaust compound. The atoms are not destroyed, therefore this process will not deplete the level of available water on the planet. (to answer your question: No Countries would run out of water)

  • Gene Sonntag

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