4 Facts About Crystals People Rarely Know About – Nikola Tesla Says They Are Alive

Avatar EWAO | January 15, 2018

All of us have heard or understand the power, and extraordinary energy crystals emit. Our world is a magical place, and it offers so much more than we recognize!

The Power of Crystals

For centuries people have been fascinated by their healing properties. In fact, it appears that each crystal has its personality and awareness. But is it possible for a crystal to have a mind?

Below Are 5 Incredible Abilities of Crystals

1. Awareness

Some people believe that crystals might have a consciousness – a mind of their own. However, this level of consciousness is not close to the level of consciousness of an average person.

We don’t need to understand the “mind” that controls everything in the universe, but it is likely that all things in this universe, including crystals, contain some form of consciousness.

Nicholas Tesla said, “In the crystal, we have a clear record of the existence of a formative life principle, although apart from all we can not understand the life of crystals – it is still a living being.”

If you have crystals, you do not need to start treating them as pets or family members. However, when you care for them and treat them well, they will work better and help you more efficiently.

2. Communication

Crystals are known for their healing properties. However, they can somehow communicate and transmit messages. Crystals work the same way as storage devices and contain information that a person can download. Working with crystals can help you learn and receive new information.

One of the ways people use crystals for communication is the use of whiskey. The crystal is at the end of the chain or strip and can be crossed over the body to find areas of tension, pain, and stagnation of energy. A place that attracts high is a place where healing is needed.

Crystal viscounts can be crossed over the map to find things/people, or even to find the perfect travel destination.

3. They Work As Portals

If you get crystals, you need to clean them and make them yours. Otherwise, you can have unusual dreams or feel slightly different because the crystals carry the energy of their previous owners.
Some people use crystal effectively as a portal for access to higher dimensions, and they connect to other light beings using their crystals and dreams.

4. They Can travel

We have heard stories of people that lost their crystals, and after months or even years, they find their crystals again.

Crystals are attracted to certain people and places, and it feels like they can travel to get to where they want to be. Maybe you have already felt it before. The urge to buy a specific crystal or give it to someone.

To separate yourself from crystals can be difficult sometimes. But it feels that when the time comes for the crystal to go, it knows what to do and does it.


Written by EWAO

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